Браво как быть минусовка

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Добавили: 2017-06-02

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Текст песни Видеоклип Sweet (Bonus) (Браво, Земфира, Жанна Агузарова - Как быть) prod. Snare - Jay-Z - Russian Gangster (Mixtape)

And still there's pain
If I would have grew up to be a doctor, my nephew would have grew up to do the same
But since I grew up through the game, and my influence is the same
And my therapy is music, they ask if you ashamed
And though I wish I could separate, two things,
I cannot, so my answer to you remains
I can walk down the hall or mirrors, in Versailles
And be so satisfied when I look a myself in the eyes
No shame, no sir, just big boats and tearing the coast up
Tight coup like I'm wearing the roadster,
For any coup I'm bear hugging the holster.

Hov, alright, alright
And that may not be
What you call perfect
But, but it's my life
The life, the life, the life
Once again it's the life

2nd Verse
So I make no apologies
Crooked policies
So a G a nigga gotta be
We playing for property, no monopoly
So I'll pass go and let my nephew follow me
They say the child shall lead,
So I take it far as I can, and then we shall see
Shall we dance with the devil, for a beat
I pray to God I ain't got two left feet
Do the hustle, put keys in the street
Then I'm ballroom dancing, ke-ke'ing in the suite
BB's on the feet, TV's in the seat
Enemies on the creep
It's so corrupt
Soak it up
It's a lesson, never fuck up
One day you're up, next day you're down
Long as you stay the same, it will come back around


3rd Verse
I'm even better, I'm eating better
Best thing about it is, my niggas eating together
With each endeavor
We reaching levels, niggas ain't seen in like forever
I'm hyman roth I make all my partners rich
I can vouch for you, if you ain't a part of this
So pardon me as I pave my wrist
As I parlay my chips, Hov
Alright, alright, American Gangster, ganster, business like I'm white
But I'm not, I'm just bright
So fly with no fear of the flight
So if y'all hear my plight
And if you think you can make it this far without a fight
Couple mistakes here and there, not always right
But I'm always real, that's how I sleep at night


Видео Видеоклип Sweet (Bonus) (Браво, Земфира, Жанна Агузарова - Как быть) prod. Snare - Jay-Z - Russian Gangster (Mixtape)

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